Mobile Hairdresser in Patcham

Hello to all my lovely existing clients and a huge welcome to all of you who are new!

I've been living in Brighton for six months now and it's been wonderful to meet so many new clients for haircutting in Patcham, Hollingbury, Coldean, Preston Park and lots of other local areas. 

Jasmin's new hair cut by Sarah, I love this long bob! 

Jasmin's new hair cut by Sarah, I love this long bob! 

While I do branch out to other places, it's great to be local and offer haircutting and styling services to these areas. 

As a way to meet even more lovely people in this area and spread the joy that a new hair cut brings, I am currently offering ladies hair cutting appointments with 20% off, so if you feel like treating yourself please get in touch!

We all know how important it is to see reviews for your new potential stylist, so for all testimonials written by my lovely existing clients, please see the 'Kind Word's' section at the bottom of the page or follow this link:

Thank you to all my very loyal clients so far, it's a pleasure to see you every time for a tea and trim :)

Sarah x