Cassie from The Diamonds, photography by Sheena Hartley 

Cassie from The Diamonds, photography by Sheena Hartley 

With a passion for all things vintage, I love creating vintage hair & make up for anyone with a shared love of bygone eras.

Vintage Hair & Make Up is available for individual styling & group bookings - my promise is to take you back in time and add some vintage glamour to your special occasion! 


With so many glamorous fashion icons for inspiration, there's lots of different styles to choose from when it comes to creating the perfect image for the themed era. Here are some favourite looks from different eras, however these are not limited so if you have any of your own ideas or fancy a different twist then ill be happy to create this for you. 


The roaring twenties – a decade defined by social and cultural rebellion, an era when flapper girls dared to bob their hair, wore short skirts, high heels and drank and danced the night away! Popular iconic hairstyles from the 1920's included Fingerwaves and bobs, often worn with expensive and elaborate jewelled headbands to create a more feminine touch. Faux bobs are a popular choice for those who have long hair but want to wear it as a bob for a 1920's night! 

1940's Victory Rolls

Worn by many women during World War Two in honour of victorious soldiers, this popular vintage hairstyle is often believed to of adopted it's name from the war time plane manoeuvres and the patterns they created in the sky during this era. Sometimes teamed with soft pin curl waves, there are lots of variations to this patriotic style. 


1950's hair and make up exemplified class and grace - make up was all about creating soft and feminine appearances with rosy cheeks, defined eyebrows and glamorous lipstick, while hair was flawless and often worn in soft voluptuous curls. Iconic star Marilyn Monroe is a legendary inspirational hair and make up icon of the era.


The decade of the 1960's featured many trends and hairstyles. The beehive, created with lots of back combing for ultimate volume, was very popular from the early 60's and was then followed by another style - the iconic short pixie crop, created by Vidal Sassoon and famously worn by Twiggy. Iconic actresses such as Jane Fonda & Elizabeth Taylor all had their own signature looks & styles made popular in the 1960's. 

For men in the 1960's, crew cuts (also known as buzz cuts) were all the rage, traditionally styled with hair wax while more rebellious characters wore their hair as a greased comb back & carrying a comb to maintain the style was all part of the culture.


Throughout different eras, from the early 1930's to late 1950's, rockabilly hairstyles represented a time when the rock and roll era was formed. Hair was worn big - lots of volume, height and body - creating large quiffs, victory rolls and rockabilly fringes - the bigger the hair the better! Iconic figures who rocked these styles include Betty Page, Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash. 


If you have any questions regarding vintage styles, would like some advice or a few more ideas, please feel welcome to contact me & I'll be happy to answer any questions & make some suggestions.